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Friday, February 1, 2019 (8:30 AM - 3:30 PM )

Saturday, March 16, 2019 (9 AM - 4 PM)

Friday, May 17, 2019 (8:30 AM - 3:30 PM )


2100 Fourth Street

Suite 245

San Rafael, CA 94901

Level of course content: Intermediate, Professional

REQUIRED MATERIALS: The Kimochis® Educator’s Tool Kit: Elementary Edition (Grades 1-5)


Teaches children how to express and regulate their feelings, understand the emotions of others, and establish and maintain healthy social relationships. The Kimochis® Keys to Communication provide children the words and actions that promote social-emotional development, support positive behavior and contribute to academic success. These strategies help children to listen, speak and act in ways that keep a strong communication connection with each other, even in challenging social situations! Lessons and activities from the educator’s guide that utilize strategies from a restorative practices model, such as discussion, conferencing and circles, will be outlined. Participants will be introduced to the Kimochis® “emotional vocabulary” that gives educators, parents and children a common language to guide positive behavior in social and academic settings. The unique and compelling Kimochis® characters and feelings that engage children, and keep the learning fun and interesting will be presented. At the completion of this workshop, participants will feel prepared to introduce the Kimochis® program as a prevention and intervention tool that will help to build a strong, mutually respectful, safe and inclusive school community!


  • Describe the Kimochis® Keys to Communication
  • Explain how to use social-emotional tools to promote social and academic success for children
  • Describe how to use the Kimochis® characters and feelings using strategies form restorative practices approach
  • Identify how the Kimochis® characters and feelings can promote interesting and fun learning in a variety of educational settings
  • Collaborate with educators and families to create intervention that promotes social-emotional development in all children

TRAINER: Katie Schmidt Raher, Ph.D.


Katie Schmidt Raher has been working with children, families, and teachers in schools for 14 years, as a school psychologist, professional development facilitator, teacher, parent educator, researcher, and consultant. She received her graduate level and clinical training from U.C. Berkeley, completing her Ph.D. in 2010. Her dissertation was an investigation of the intersection of academic and social-emotional teaching practices in preschools and their impact on children’s development. She received the UC Berkeley Center for Child and Youth Policy Dissertation Award and was the invited Doctoral Speaker at her commencement.

From 2009-2016, Dr. Raher served the Child Development program in Vallejo City Unified School District as the Early Childhood School Psychologist and provided numerous psychological services, including mental health consultation, individual and group counseling, intervention development and monitoring, teacher and parent trainings, and collateral work with community agencies. She also led the program-wide implementation of the Early Childhood Kimochis curriculum as a universal intervention and utilized Kimochis clinical tools to facilitate more intensive mental health support to children with more challenging social and emotional needs.

During her time in Vallejo, Dr. Raher also coordinated the Early Childhood Behavioral Wellness Team, created a new Student Success Team model for the preschool program, and revised the district-wide Section 504 model of implementation. Given her history as an elementary school teacher and her passion for prevention-focused work at all levels of childhood, Dr. Raher also consulted with the school-age Child Development staff and the elementary school team of School Psychologists as needed to support optimal transitions and implementation of the Kimochis curriculum on a broader scale.

In addition to dedicating her career to the well-being of all children and families, Dr. Raher is particularly passionate about working to develop systems which better support populations that are marginalized and affected by poverty and societal inequities.

Dr. Raher is also the proud mother of two: a daughter and son; and her very different children give her daily practice in using Kimochis to foster emotional intelligence.

WORKSHOP TRAINER FOR:  Early Childhood Curriculum, Elementary Curriculum and Mental Health




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